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» » Rss Grabber v 3.6.8 (Fixed)
Rss Grabber v 3.6.8 (Fixed)
Сообщить об ошибке                                     Автор: Dospel Дата: 9 ноября 2011 Категория: Шаблоны

Шаблоны : Rss Grabber v 3.6.8 (Fixed)

Rss Grabber v 3.6.8 (Fixed)

Rss Grabber v 3.6.8 (Fixed) | 7,32 MB
Module collects the news from your chosen RSS and HTML feeds and publish them on your site.

The module operates in three stages:
1. Collects all the news from the selected channel, given the patterns is the link to the full news when you want authorizes and collects data.
2. The user selects the required news to him and if you want to change.
3. Stores the news in the database at the same time if there are pictures on the news that makes the action specified in the configuration that is merges all the pictures on the server, and secures to the news if you specify that the load on the server otherwise fills from the selected storage image.

- Problems with UTF-8;
- The problem with [thumbs ].*[/ thumbs];
- Problem with Jquery;
- Removed reference to their real added backdoors backdoor, removed eval, not true path (the path can be changed by request);
- Fixed spelling and minor errors (not required strip_tags, etc.).

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