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» » Cremoso AS3 XML Retro Website Template - Rip
Cremoso AS3 XML Retro Website Template - Rip
Сообщить об ошибке                                     Автор: Dospel Дата: 26 марта 2011 Категория: Шаблоны

Шаблоны : Cremoso AS3 XML Retro Website Template - Rip

Cremoso AS3 XML Retro Website Template - Rip

Cremoso AS3 XML Retro Website Template - Rip | 45,8 MB

With “Cremoso AS3 XML Retro Website Template” you recieve a complete, multi-purpose website solution with an appealing, fashionable retro style.
Whether you use it for your clients business or as your personal portfolio site, you can be sure that this fully XML -driven, modular build website template fullfils your needs.

This file features a selection of different preset module layouts so all you need to do is choose the version you wish to use and you are ready to add your own images/videos/texts.
Modules/Pages can be reused throughout the template and the deep-linking feature improves the SEO -capability by making every module accessible via a direct link.

Its possible to rearrange the menu, add or remove items as you see fit and specify the module linked to that item. This means: Great control, unlimited combinations, awesome reusability!
Furthermore you can customize the style like colors, font sizes, etc. for every section of the template. There are literally hundreds of options available which you can but don’t have to use in order to customize this template.
Rounded corners throughout the template can also be adjusted or removed altogether!
Everything can be changed by simply editing XML config files with a text editor so there is no need for you to have flash installed (flash is only needed for font type changes).


* Fully XML -driven (see some options below)
* Main and Submenu SWFAddress Deep Linking
* 8 unique content modules with many presets to choose from
* Individual fullscreen image backgrounds for each menu item (blur effect can be adjusted)
* Highly customizable via XML (colors, font sizes, etc.)
* MP3 -player with playlist
* Social links

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