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» » Ландшафтные и Скальные Бесшовные Текстуры
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Автор: potemkin17 Дата: 2 марта 2011 Текстуры

Текстуры : Ландшафтные и Скальные Бесшовные Текстуры

Ландшафтные и Скальные Бесшовные Текстуры

Ландшафтные и Скальные Бесшовные Текстуры
.tif | .jpg | rar 806 Mb

Each texture channel was designed with interchangeability in mind. Even though texture groups are named according to their relation to the original source image, and in some cases this will yield the best result; image maps can easily be mixed and matched to create thousands of material variations.
With the included alpha maps, you can extract the primary features of any image (or use them randomly), to layer the textures on top of each other, allowing endless amounts of variation and control. When using separate image scales with layered materials, you can also reduce the tiling effect associated with image based materials.
This collection contains two types of Bump Maps per texture, allowing you to layer the bump channel and control large and small details independently.
The Terrain and Rock collection, is not an update to the asileFX Seamless Rock collection, released in 2005; but a completely brand new set of textures and image maps, created from the original source photographs used to make Seamless Rock. This collection utilizes newer advancements to 3D applications, and was created using the newest 2D photo editing technology; a huge leap forward from the 2005 Seamless Rock collection.

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